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What type of government is ruled by a few people or amall group?
a) Unitary b) Oligarchy c) Democracy d) Confederation
What type of government is ruled by the people through voting?
a) Federal b) Unitary c) Oligarchy d) Democracy
Which type of democratic government where the leader is chosen by an elected group or party?
a) Parliamentary b) Presidential c) Federal d) Autocratic
What is the type of democratic government where the leader is elected separate?
a) Unitary b) Parliamentary c) Republic d) Confederation
The exchanging of one item such as currency for another item is called ___________.
a) Trade b) Selling c) Tariff d) Money
__________ or money is used to trade for items.
a) Exchange b) Selling c) Currency d) Embargo
What is it called when one country refuses to trade with another?
a) Tariff b) Quotas c) Capital d) Embargo
What is a tax placed on goods that are imported into a country?
a) Tariff b) Capital c) Embargo d) Trade
What is the amount of money or goods and services a country possesses?
a) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) b) Great Product Distribution (GPD) c) Georgia Pacific Cooperation (GPC) d) Gross Product Distibution (GPD)
When a country is good at making one or two things very well it is called _________.
a) Itemize b) Diverity c) Specialization d) Industrialization
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