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A waterway made by people is called a
a) canal b) lake c) delta d) ocean
The pattern of weather in a particular place over a period of 20 to 30 years is called
a) weather b) cape c) desert d) climate
A chain of islands
a) coast b) archipelago c) peninsular d) lake
An area that has little or no moisture or vegetation
a) canyon b) desert c) forest d) plains
A land area that is surrounded by water
a) island b) archipelago c) continent d) mountain
A body of water surrounded entirely by land
a) island b) ocean c) peninsular d) lake
A high, steep, rugged land that rises sharply above the surrounding land
a) volcano b) mountain c) plateau d) tributary
Any of the four largest bodies of salt water on Earth's surface
a) lake b) canal c) ocean d) island
A piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides is called
a) peninsular b) island c) archipelago d) delta
The condition of the air at any given time and place
a) climate b) river c) plain d) weather
A large area of high, flat, or gently rolling land
a) mountain b) prairie c) plateau d) hill
The height above sea level.
a) elevation b) climate c) continent d) cape
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