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At TMS 1/3of the students play football and 2/5 of them also run cross crountry. How many people play one of these sports?
a) 7/10 b) 1/5 c) 5/8 d) 2/15
At TMS 9/10 students are in athletics and 2/10 are also in band.How many more students are in athletics than in band?
a) 4.5 b) 2.4 c) 9/50 d) 5.4
1/2 of the students had to pay for their lunch, while 3/4 students also buy chips. How many students eat lunch.
a) 4/6 b) 3/6 c) 3/4 d) 3/8
2/3 students eat hamburgers and fries, while 3/4 students eat hamburgers and chips. How many students eat hamburgers?
a) 6/12 b) 5/9 c) 1/2 d) 6/11
At the fair 5/8 people ate funnle cake and 2/3 of those people also ate cotton candy. What fraction of the people ate from the concession stand?
a) 20/48 b) 5/12 c) 4/6 d) 5/8
After the ball game 1/3 of the students go to the burger barng and 3/8 of those same students ate at DQ. What fraction of the kids ate out?
a) 3/24 b) 3/8 c) 4/5 d) 1/8
At the ballgame 3/5 of the fans got hot dogs, 1/5 of those people also got coke. How many more people got hotdogs.
a) 2/3 b) 3/2 c) 3/25 d) 1/5
2/3 people got coockie cones at the snack line and 4/5 people got cookies also. What fraction of the people got both?
a) 8/15 b) 1/3 c) 2/2 d) 6/8
3/5 of the kids in class had on sneakers. 2/3 of those kids also wore jackets. What fraction of the class does this represent?
a) 2/5 b) 1 2/3 c) 3/4 d) 5/8
The length of the rectangle was 4/5 inches and it\'s width was 7/8 inches.What is it\'s area?
a) 7/10 square inches b) 32/35 square inches c) 11/13 square inches d) 1 square inch
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