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life; spirit
a) anim b) ann c) aqua d) arch
a) ann b) anim c) arch d) ast
a) aqua b) arch c) anim d) ann
primitive; first; chief
a) arch b) ast c) ann d) aqua
a) ast b) ann c) aqua d) arch
a) happening every year b) never happens c) happens every other year d) happens twice a year
a) a person who travels in space b) the dog from the Jetsons c) a deep sea diver d) a person who mines on asteroids
a) a king or queen ruling a country b) a group of butterflies c) having only one arch d) happening once a month
a) an object that is nonliving b) an object that can move on its own and has life c) black and white d) a person in prison
a) happening in the water b) happening in the air c) a noise a duck makes d) happening on land
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