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All ______________ things eat, breathe, and move.
a) nonliving b) living c) d)
What is the viewing end of a microscope called?
a) arm b) viewpiece c) eyepiece d) base
__________________ are the smallest building blocks inside living things.
a) legos b) cells c) molecules d)
Microscopes can help you examine a _______________________.
a) star b) destination c) teacher d) specimen
What platform supports a specimen?
a) stage b) objectives c) board d) focus knob
Under a microscope, a specimen becomes visible. What does 'visible' mean?
a) heard b) smelled c) tasted d) seen
Nonliving things don't have senses nor _______________.
a) respond b) eat c) grow d) All of the Above!
What source on the base that allows us to view the specimen?
a) mirror b) light c) Both A and B d) eyepiece
Lenses help us magnify an object. What does magnify mean?
a) make bigger b) make smaller c) d)
What are the lenses that zoom in on the specimen called?
a) spectacles b) objectives c) clips d)
What part of the microscope supports the upper part?
a) handle b) leg c) branch d) arm
What part of the microscope supports the bottom part?
a) base b) leg c) branch d)
A pillow is an example of a ______________________ thing.
a) living b) nonliving c) d)
Animals are examples of ___________________ things.
a) living b) nonliving c) d)
What is used to adjust the clarity of a specimen?
a) your eyes b) clear button c) focus knob d) your ears
What items hold the specimen slide in place?
a) rubber band b) clips c) arm d) your hand
BONUS: Which duo invented the compound microscope?
a) Jansens b) Li/Woodburn c) Yu/Chipkin d) Johnsons
What were microscopes called originally?
a) flea markets b) telescopes c) flea glasses d)
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