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taking part in what is going on
a) active b) attend c) impose d) respond
causing shock and surprise
a) astound b) paralyze c) impose d) eager
to be present at
a) attend b) recite c) expose d) grace
to love or cling to an idea or feeling
a) cherish b) astound c) modest d) paralyze
make an agreement or become smaller
a) contract b) grace c) expose d) recite
wanting very much
a) eager b) pessimist c) modest d) expose
left unprotected or not hidden from view
a) expose b) attend c) respond d) impose
beauty of movement; prayer; or extra time to do something
a) grace b) expose c) contract d) respond
force someone to accept or put up with
a) impose b) modest c) pessimist d) attend
not thinking too highly of yourself; or not fancy (simple)
a) modest b) pessimist c) grace d) eager
same direction and same distance apart
a) parallel b) paralyze c) contract d) perpendicular
stop or lose ability to move
a) paralyze b) respond c) active d) impose
negative; expecting things to turn out badly
a) pessimist b) modest c) impose d) astound
to say aloud from memory; or a program of music, dance
a) recite b) grace c) expose d) attend
a) respond b) expose c) recite d) contract
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