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helper protein molecule
a) enzyme b) substrate c) lock and key model d) product
used to demonstrate the necesary complementary shapes of enzymes and substrates
a) Cell Theory b) Substrate Law c) Production d) Lock and Key Model
molecule that enzymes work on
a) product b) substrate c) enzyme d) catalyst
what the enzyme helps produce from the reaction
a) active site b) cell wall c) product d) substrate
a part of the enzyme that the substrate molecule fits to
a) chloroplast b) cell wall c) active site d) substrate
speeds up a reaction
a) catalyst b) substrate c) chloroplast d) lock and key model
protein factories
a) ribosomes b) cell wall c) cell membrane d) chloroplast
separates the cell from the outside
a) cell membrane b) cell wall c) ribosome d) chloroplast
made of cellulose; structure for plant cells
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) ribosome d) product
makes ATP sugars in photosynthesis; only found in plant cells
a) chloroplast b) cell wall c) cell membrane d) ribosome
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