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A steep slope means
a) slower speed b) no change in speed c) faster speed d) no speed
A car travels 400 miles in 6 hours. What is its average speed?
a) 667 mph b) 60.7 mph c) 6.7 mph d) 66.7 mph
Speed is defined as
a) how fast an object is moving b) the distance an object moves c) the time it takes an object to move d) the rate of change in position
To increase the speed of an object, you must
a) increase mass b) increase force c) decrease force d) increase mass and force
Which force acts opposite to the direction of the motion?
a) gravity b) contact force c) friction d) inertia
The tendency of an object to change in the direction of the motion is
a) friction b) inertia c) contact force d) gravity
As a man goes to the moon, which of these factors change
a) mass b) weight c) mass and weight d) no changes in mass or weight
How can you increase speed without applying more force?
a) decrease gravity b) increase mass c) decrease friction d) increase friction
Forces that are equal and in opposite directions are called
a) unbalanced forces b) balanced forces c) net force d) resulting force
Calculate. 20 N to the left and 12 N to the right
a) 8 N to the left b) 32 N to the left c) 8 N to the right d) 32 N to the right
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