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Lebron James wants to write a book about his life. He is writing a/an
a) biography b) autobiography c) autograph d)
I am happy and feel great about who I am, I am
a) self-sufficient b) autonomous c) self-confident d)
If you do not depend on anyone to provide for you, then you are
a) self-confident b) self-sufficient c) automatic d)
If you have a vehicle that operates by itself then you have a
a) bicycle b) automobile c) tricycle d)
Another word for free
a) autonomy b) self-confident c) strong d) autocrat
When you are able to provide for your own needs, you are
a) self-confident b) able c) self-sufficient d) dependent
The word that means feeling good about oneself
a) self-defeated b) self-sufficient c) autonomy d) self-confident
Vehicle capable of moving on its own, operated by oneself
a) bicycle b) automobile c) row boat d) remote control car
The word that means independence, free
a) self-conident b) automatic c) autonomy d) autocrat
The word that means to operate by itself
a) automatic b) autonomy c) autograph d) self-sufficient
a) a person's own book b) a person's own car c) a person's own signature d) a person's own story
a) Ruler that has some power b) Ruler with unlimited power c) A democrat d) An employee
The story of a person's life written by that person
a) biography b) autobiography c) novel d) short story
The stem that means self
a) self b) bio c) ante d) anti
The stem that means self
a) ante b) bio c) pre d) auto
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