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This device helped sailors determine their direction.
a) Astrolabe b) Compass c) Triangular Sails d) Light house
The caravel was a type of _______________.
a) Animal b) Ship c) Compass d) hat
Which of the following is NOT an example of the new technology that enabled Europeans to explore?
a) Astrolabe b) Compass c) Caravel d) Radar
Early explorers reported what they discovered to cartographers who used the information to make better _________________.
a) Maps b) Sails c) Rudders d) Ships
Of the following, which is NOT a reason why the Europeans began exploration?
a) The Mongol Empire collapsed causing the Silk Road to be unsafe. b) Europeans knew of all the riches the Americas had to offer. c) Europeans developed new technology. d) Some European nations had money for exploration.
This invention enabled the explorers to use the stars and sun to know their distance from the equator.
a) Astrolabe b) Compass c) Lanteen Sails d) Telescope
After the collapse of the Mongol Empire, trading with the Turks and Italians made the prices of goods __________________.
a) Go down b) Go up c) Remain the same d) Very low
Exploring unknown regions of the world is __________________.
a) Colonial Expansion b) Empire Building c) Global Exploration d) Cultural Expansion
This device made steering easier
a) Astrolabe b) Compass c) Rudder d) Radar
Moving streams of water are _________________.
a) Currents b) Empires c) Conquistadors d) Winds
What explorer was able to link Europe with the Americas?
a) Columbus b) Hudson c) Magellan d) da Gama
Prince Henry the Navigator was from what country?
a) England b) France c) Portugal d) Spain
What country found the first water route to East Asia?
a) England b) Portugal c) France d) Spain
This explorer’s crew was the first to circumnavigate the world.
a) Columbus b) da Gama c) Hudson d) Magellan
What enabled ships to sail against the wind?
a) Astrolabe b) Compass c) Rudder d) Lanteen (triangular) Sails
This invention enabled explorers to conquer new lands.
a) Astrolabe b) Caravel c) Rudder d) Gunpowder
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