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made of amino acid chains; in hormones, immune system, muscles, and enzymes
a) protein b) amino acid c) lipid d) carbohydrate
nucleotides chained into a polymer; stores genetic information;
a) polymer b) unsaturated fat c) nucleic acid d) amino acid
plant, vegetable, and fish fats; a bent molecular structure; better choice in your diet
a) saturated fat b) polymer c) lipid d) unsaturated fat
the type of lipid that makes the cell membrane
a) amino acid b) phospholipid c) nucelotide d) protein
a chain of similar units bonded together
a) nucleic acid b) saturated fat c) denature d) polymer
mostly animal fats; a flat molecular structure; build up easy
a) saturated fat b) lipid c) unsaturated fat d) carbohydrate
building block of proteins; 20 essential
a) denature b) amino acid c) protein d) lipids
the carbohydrate that makes the cell wall in plants
a) gluclose b) cellulose c) phospholipid d) saturated fat
the process of unfolding proteins
a) unsaturated fats b) proteins c) carbohydrates d) denature
building block of a nucleic acid; contains a phosphate, sugar, and a nitrogen base
a) nucelotide b) lipid c) amino acid d) polymer
energy molecules; fats, oils, waxes
a) lipid b) protein c) carbohydrate d) nucleic acid
energy molecules; break down into sugars (glucose)
a) protein b) carbohydrate c) lipid d) nucelotide
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