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What type of scientific investigations is demonstrated when a scientist goes out and makes observations in the world around them?
a) fieldwork b) experiments c) d)
What type of scientific investigation is demonstrated when a scientist works in a lab under controlled conditions?
a) fieldwork b) experiments c) d)
How do scientific theories become accepted?
a) A. offering absolute and conclusive proof they are true or false b) B. being supported by a lot of evidence c) C. incorporating new evidence d) D. choices B and C
_____ is the systematic study of the natural world.
a) Method b) Theory c) Science d) Pseudsoscience
Scientists only work in laboratories.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
A good scientific theory is often modified when new evidence is found but is rarely completely rejected.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
A method is a way of doing things or steps in a process.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
How do scientists choose their methods?
a) A. by the tools available to them b) B. by the subject under study c) C. by people voting on them d) D. Choices A and B
Which statement about theories is true?
a) Theories cannot be changed if new evidence is discovered. b) Theories are the same as guesses. c) Theories can be proven true. d) Theories are explanations supported by a lot of evidence to back them up.
Kristen is researching a recent, controversial scientific issue. Which of these sources is the most reliable source for Kristen to use for unbiased scientific information.
a) an encyclopedia article in a respected, older encylopeida b) a scientific journal with scientist-reviewed articles c) a personal website or blog d) an informative pamphlet created by a high school student on the topic
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