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process of breaking down complex substances into simpler substances to release energy
a) catabolism b) anabolism c) metabolism d) homeostasis
process of building up complex substances from simpler substances
a) catabolism b) metabolism c) anabolism d) homeostasis
total of all chemical reactions in an organism
a) catabolism b) anabolism c) homeostasis d) metabolism
made of one cell
a) unicellular b) multicellular c) homeostasis d) adaptation
made of many cells
a) unicellular b) adaptation c) multicellular d) asexual reproduction
stable state of conditions in the body that are necessary for life
a) multicellular b) unicellular c) homeostasis d) adaptation
two parents contributing genetic information to a new organism; needs a male and female sex cell
a) asexual reproduction b) homeostasis c) sexual reproduction d) adaptation
a process that enables organisms to become better suited to their environment
a) sexual reproduction b) asexual reproduction c) homeostasis d) adaptation
a single parent organism reproducing by itself
a) secual reproduction b) asexual reproduction c) adaptation d) cell
smallest unit of life
a) cell b) anabolism c) catabolism d) adaptation
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