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What process creates new sand in a desert?
a) Erosion of the neighboring streams b) Fossils of animals and plants constantly decaying c) Wind erosion of rocks d) Droughts
Coastal beaches are shrinking because
a) Hurricanes are destroying the coastal beaches b) More people are moving to coastal areas c) Underground water reserves are being drained, causing the land to sink. d) Polar ice caps are melting and tidal erosion is occurring
Which of the following would probably cause the most damage to a abandoned building found in a jungle?
a) Plant growth and earthquakes b) Solar heat and acid rain c) Wind and water d) Storms
All of the following are causes of physical weathering except
a) Acid rain b) Running water c) Wind d) Plant growth
Plants prevent soil erosion by _______
a) The process of photosynthesis b) Releasing water into the atmosphere through transpiration c) Providing food for herbivores d) Holding dirt in place with their roots
What is the major cause of weathering and erosion?
a) moving water b) wind c) ice d) glaciers
What happens when glaciers slowly move down a mountain?
a) The glaciers cause erosion by taking sediment and moving it somewhere else b) The glaciers melt and refreeze c) The glaciers melt and form giant lakes d) Nothing happens
What is sediment?
a) Decaying plant or animal material b) The top layer of the soil c) Bits of rock, sand and silt caused by the weathering of rocks d) The process of rocks being broken down and carried away
The process by which small pieces of rocks and soil are carried away to new locations is called _______
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d) faults
The process of breaking up rocks on Earth's surface is called _________
a) erosion b) weathering c) deposition d) sediment
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