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one who owns or owns and manages a business or other such establishment
a) proprietor b) unison c) igantic d) block
a sudden cessation of speech or a thought process without an immediate observable cause, sometimes considered a consequence of repression.
a) gigantic b) brimful c) block d) unison
of a size, extent, or degree that elicits awe or taxes belief; immense
a) devour b) proprietor c) reproach d) colossal
very large or extensive
a) block b) gigantic c) spectacles d) drenched
to eat up greedily
a) spectacles b) devour c) tonic d) block
showing ill humor; annoyed
a) crossly b) colossal c) unison d) gigantic
a pair of eyeglasses
a) tonic b) crossly c) reproach d) spectacles
to wet through and through
a) block b) colossal c) drenched d) suspiciously
the combination of parts at the same pitch or in octaves
a) suspiciously b) proprietor c) unison d) gigantic
generous or large in area or extent; roomy
a) devour b) spacious c) drenched d) block
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