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If something is ____, it is rotten and smells awful.
a) putrid b) echo c) zany d) topple
What part of speech is echo?
a) verb b) noun c) adjective d)
An ____ is a sound that repeats because it bounces off a large surface.
a) echo b) putrid c) zany d) topple
What part of speech is zany?
a) adjective b) noun c) verb d)
A person who acts _____, behaves in a silly or foolish way.
a) zany b) putrid c) topple d) echo
When something _____, it falls over.
a) topples b) putrid c) echo d) zany
What part of speech is putrid?
a) adjective b) verb c) noun d)
What idiom means to admire someone?
a) look up to b) bend over backwards c) get the show on the road d) piece of cake
What part of speech is topple?
a) verb b) noun c) adjective d)
The tower of blocks will _____ if you make it any higher.
a) topple b) putrid c) zany d) echo
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