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Sterilization is all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Slowing the activity of microorgansim b) Slowing the growth microorgansism c) Killing all microorganism d) Killing some microorganism
The simplest way to prevent infection is:
a) Handwashing b) Wearing gloves c) Wearing gowns d) Wearing masks
Some of the factors that weaken body defenses are all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Intact skin/mucous membrane b) Broken skin/mucous membrane c) Age d) Illness
Some of the signs and symptoms of an infection are all ofo the following EXCEPT:
a) Palor b) Redness c) Swelling d) Pain
Pathogens mean:
a) Disease producing microorganism b) Mircroorganism c) Friendly Bacteria d) All those listed
Aerobic means:
a) Needing oxygen b) Not needing oxygen c) Both needing and not needing oxugen d) none of those listed
What type of microorgansims needs a dark environment to grow?
a) Bacteria b) Viruses c) Protozoan d) Fungi
What type of microorgansims grows best in living cells?
a) Viruses b) Bacteria c) Protozoan d) Fungi
A microorganism is:
a) animal and plant b) reptile c) d)
What type of microorgansim needs warmth to grow?
a) all the above b) Bacteria c) Viruses d) Protozoa
Infection control is:
a) all the above b) prevent cross contamination c) prevent reinfection d) prevent the spread of diseases
A sterile object beocmes contaminated by prolong exposue to the air:
a) True b) False c) d)
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