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The greatest amount of oxygen in our atmosphere comes from
a) automobiles b) plants in the forest c) plankton in the ocean d) people
If something destroys one species,what will happen to the remaining species
a) It will decrease b) It will increase c) It will decrease then increase d) It will increase then decrease
Carnivores eat
a) animals b) plants c) plants and animals d) they don't eat
Herbivores eat
a) they don't eat b) plants and animals c) animals d) plants
Decomposers break down materials into
a) oxygen compunds b) nitrogen compounds c) hydrogen compounds d) helium compunds
The following are non-living parts of an ecosystem
a) animals, plants, and people b) grasses, trees, and mosses c) books, desks, and students d) soil, light, and temperature
Wetlands provide
a) water for crops b) plants, soil, and microorganisms to filter the water c) waer for drinking d) little help to the environment
A Wetland Area in our Community restored by our grade level is
a) Roland in French Lick b) The Patoka Lake in French Lick c) Lick Creek d) Lost River
Omnivores eat
a) plants b) plants and animals c) animals d) they don't eat
Algae help coral to
a) reproduce b) create beautiful colors c) make hard outer coatings d) eat
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