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By the year 2050, scientists _________________________ (discover) a cure for cancer.
a) discovered will have b) have will discovered c) will have discovered d) will have discover
By the time I´m 30, I _________________________ (get) married. (-)
a) will have got b) won´t have got c) will not have get d) will get
If you don´t hurry up, the film _______________ (finish) by the time we arrive. (+)
a) will be finished b) will not finish c) won´t have finished d) will have finished
I ______________________ (finish) this exercise by the time the football match starts. (-)
a) won´t have finished b) will have finished c) will finish d) will haven´t finished
Jim´s train was due at 6. He ___________________ (arrive) by now. (+)
a) will not have arrived b) will have arrive c) will have arrived d) won´t have arrived
Sheila ________the scholarship by the time she starts school in September. (get) (+)
a) will have got b) won´t have got c) needn´t have got d) been have got
By this time next month, I hope they ______building the community center. (finish) (+)
a) will finished b) won´t have finished c) will have finished d) won´t not have finished
By this time tomorrow night we ______ in Australia. (arrive)
a) will have arrived b) won´t arrive c) will be arrive d) won´t have arrived
The team _______ at the exhibition for five hours by the time I arrive there. (work) (-)
a) will work b) will be working c) will have worked d) won´t have worked
By the time we get on the plane, they ________already _________ the luggage. (load) (+)
a) will have already loaded b) will already have loaded c) won´t have already loaded d) won´t have loaded
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