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White moths are easily seen in a black forest, so predators eat them. The black moths survive because:
a) they are more fit because of their black coloring b) they need to be black in order to reproduce c) they fly faster d) they fight predators off better
Black moths being able to survive in a black forest better than white moths because of their coloration is known as:
a) natural selection b) variation c) mutation d) evidence
Gorillas compete to become the dominant male in their group. Unsuccessful males are less likely to mate than successful ones. This is an example of:
a) sexual selection b) adaptive radiation c) homology d) gene flow
When is evolution most likely to occur?
a) when there is a competition for resources b) when there is plenty of food c) when there are no predators d) when there is shelter for all animals
What explains genetic variations in mice living in 2 different areas?
a) They needed to adapt to survive, so favorable traits developed b) They wanted to be different, so traits appeared c) They were injured during their lifetime, so these new traits were handed down to the offspring d) Mutation and sexual recombination both created new variations in body size
What does a paleontologist study?
a) Human genetics b) fossils c) biochemistry d) Animal behavior
This term refers to how species vary at the ecosystem, species, and genetic levels.
a) biodiversity b) natural selection c) genetic flow d) convergence
Over long periods of time, some taxa have become extinct, while new taxa have evolved. This refers to:
a) macroevolution b) microevolution c) adaptation d) artificial selection
Geologic time periods are determined by:
a) the origin and extinction of taxa b) an equal number of years c) the depth of sediments in rock layers d) the activity of rock layers
A man loses is arm in an auto accident. He is worried that his children will be born with missing arms as well. The problem is:
a) acquired characteristics during lifetime cannot be passed to offspring b) only some of the offspring will be born with missing arms c) the offspring are less likely to survive d) the offspring could have a need for 1 arm and therefore be passed on
These are the longest remaining taxa on Earth.
a) single-celled organisms b) multi-cellular organisms c) snakes d) birds
Finches are closely related species of birds. Over time, beaks evolved for each location of birds based on food availability. This is an example of:
a) adaptive radiation b) coevolution c) sexual selection d) gene flow
The genetic change in populations that gives rise to new life forms from common ancestors is :
a) evolution b) natural selection c) genetic drift d) gene flow
What is the best explanation for similar bone structures seen in vertebrates?
a) common ancestors b) gene flow c) survival of the fittest d) fossils
Which of the following can occur when a population is geographically isolated from another population?
a) replication b) speciation c) convergence d) mimicry
A change in structure, behavior, or physiology that enhances survival and reproductive success in a particular environment is called
a) adaptation b) mimicry c) genetic drift d) gene flow
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