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The root solo means
a) Alone b) Beyond c) To help d) City
The root neo means
a) Alone b) To lead c) New d) Classic
Geo as seen in geothermal means
a) Earth b) Heat c) City d) Plant
The roots in sympathy come together to mean
a) Heat from the Earth b) Love of books c) Shared feeling d) None of these
Bibliophile has roots that come together to mean
a) Love of books b) Love of sharing c) List of books or sources d) Story of a person's life
Poli as used in politics means
a) Laws b) Rules c) Many d) City
Dis as seen in disable means
a) Broken b) Alone c) Not d) None of these
-ology as seen in biology means
a) list of b) the study of c) life d) none of these
Duct as seen in aqueduct means
a) water b) plant c) to write d) to lead
Circum as seen in circumvent means
a) Around b) Against c) Many d) Alone
Amnensia means
a) Fear of public places b) Without memory c) Without love d) None of these or I forgot. . .
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