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__________________ Marcos here yesterday? (+)
a) Wasn´t b) Were c) Was d) Weren´t
David´s pencil _____________________ on the table yesterday. (+)
a) was b) wasn´t c) weren´t d) were
Last week, Pedro ___________________ in Barcelona. (+)
a) was b) wasn´t c) were d) weren´t
Why _____________________ Beltrán here on Monday? (-)
a) was b) weren´t c) wasn´t d) were
Isabel _________________ in Madrid at the weekend. (-)
a) Was b) Wasn´t c) Wos d) Be
Alvaro _____________________ at school yesterday because it was Sunday. (-)
a) was b) were c) wasn´t d) be
Yesterday, I _______________________ at home. (+)
a) Was b) Were c) Be d) Weren´t
Where ________________ you yesterday? (+)
a) Was b) Were c) Be d) Wasn´t
Owen ______________________ at the beach on Friday. (+)
a) Weren´t b) Were c) Wasn´t d) Was
There _______________ 4 pens in my bag yesterday. (-)
a) Was b) Were c) Wasn´t d) Weren´t
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