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What is 0.005007 written in scientific notation?
a) 5.007 x 10^3 b) 5.007 x 10^-3 c) 5.007 x10^4 d) 5.007 x 10^-4
Between what 2 integers does -sqrt(47) lie?
a) -4 and -3 b) -5 and -4 c) -6 and -5 d) -7 and -6
A square box lid has an area of 40 sq in. What is the best estimate of the length of one side?
a) 6 inches b) 6.5 inches c) 6.3 inches d) 7 inches
In the equation y=x+1, what is teh y intercept?
a) x b) y c) 1 d) =
In the equation y=3x-3, what is the slope?
a) 3 b) -3 c) x d) -3x
Miguel earns $9/ hr. His hourly wage will increase by 70 cents every 5 months. In a function that models his avg hourly wage in months, what is the slope?
a) $0.50 b) $0.14 c) $0.70 d) $9
In the equation h=-3t+18, is the slope negative or positive?
a) positive b) negative c) d)
Which is a linear equation?
a) y=3-2x b) y=-7x^2 c) y=2-3x^3 d) y=-7x^3
Find the length of the hypotenuse is the two legs are 3 and 7
a) 9.49 b) 3.16 c) 7.62 d) 10.00
Find the missing leg if one leg is 6 ft and the hypotenuse is 10 ft.
a) 7 ft b) 8 ft c) 9 ft d) 10 ft
On question 57, what is true about the data?
a) positive correlation b) negative correlation c) no correlation d)
For question 59, what is true about the data?
a) positive b) negative c) no correlation d)
What is a potential benefit to making financially responsible decisions?
a) Having a high credit score b) less money in your savings c) not being able to finance a car d) being charged a higher credit interest rate
Find the unknown leg if the hypotenuse is 28 and a leg is 2, round to the tenths7
a) 7 b) 7.5 c) 7.4 d) 7.1
Is the sqrt of 9 rational or irrational?
a) rational b) irrational c) d)
Express the fraction 3/16 as a decimal
a) .9 b) .1875 c) .17777 d) .161616161616
Is .02002000200002... rational or irrational?
a) irrational b) rational c) d)
What kind of number is sqrt (2)?
a) irrational b) rational c) d)
Which of the following is an irrational number?
a) sqrt 21 b) 2.59 c) sqrt 81 d) -1/3
On the graphing calculator, how do find the square root of a number
a) press ctrl then x^2 b) press ctrl then + c) Press ctrl then = d) press ctrl then enter
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