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Choosing complementing colors from a palette.
a) Color Unity b) Color Harmony c) Color Coordination d) Color Matching
Opposite colors on the the color wheel.
a) Opposing Colors b) Harmonious Colors c) Analogous Colors d) Complimentary Colors
Relationship between the size of elements in a design.
a) Size b) Mass c) Scale d) Ratio
Can be used to organize, create movement, connect or create texture.
a) Lines b) Shapes c) Gradients d) RGB
Area in a design that is the subject or area of interest.
a) Optical Center b) Focal Point c) Negative Space d) Positive Space
Three colors next to each other on the color wheel
a) Triad Colors b) Analogous Colors c) Abstract Colors d) Annual Colors
A Color
a) Hue b) Shade c) Tint d) Palette
a) Lightness b) Tint c) Value d) Height
Color with white added to it
a) Shade b) Tint c) Lightness d) Washout
Color with black added to it
a) Shade b) Tint c) Shadow d) Darkness
Arrangement of elements in a design.
a) Placement b) Strategy c) Positioning d) Balance
Off-center alignment created with an odd or mismatched number of elements.
a) Uneven Balance b) Asymmetrical Balance c) Off Balance d) Titled Balance
Elements centered or evenly divided both vertically and horizontally.
a) Symmetrical Balance b) Mirror Balance c) Optical Balance d) Even Balance
Emphasizing the difference between elements
a) Contrast b) Emphasis c) Distinction d) Separation
All elements are consistent with each other.
a) Tatical b) Uniform c) Harmony d) Coordination
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