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This mineral is known for tasting salty.
a) calcite b) saltite c) halite d) pyrite
This mineral makes up most of sand and leads to formation of glass.
a) quartz b) halite c) calcite d) apatite
Gemstones all have this in common
a) same crystal shape b) luster c) extreme hardness d) color
This mineral is yellow and smells like rotten eggs.
a) sulfer b) galena c) pyrite d) calcite
Extraction of usable amounts of ores is done through this.
a) digging b) mining c) construction d) smelting
This mineral is used in computer technologies.
a) calcite b) silicon c) graphite d) halite
This mineral looks like gold, but it harder.
a) pyrite b) calcite c) galena d) halite
This mineral fizzes when in contact with acid.
a) halite b) calcite c) galena d) pyrite
When a mineral always breaks in a predictable pattern.
a) hardness b) cleavage c) fracture d) streak
Which minerals falls at 1 on the Hardness Scale?
a) talc b) diamond c) apatite d) quartz
Which is NOT an example of luster?
a) metallic b) dull c) shiny d) glassy
The color a mineral 'writes' when scratched...
a) luster b) streak c) cleavage d) hardness
Which would not be true of minerals?
a) it can be organic b) It has a crystalline structure c) it has a definite chemical composition d) it is naturally occurring
These minerals are most abundant in the earth's crust.
a) oxygen and nitrogen b) silicon and nitrogen c) silicon and oxygen d) quartz and oxygen
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