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Government of Ancient Greece
a) Direct Democracy b) Senate c) Republic d) Olympics
Athletic Event of Greece
a) Olympics b) Baseball c) Football d) Humas
Famous Building of Ancient Greece
a) Partheon b) senate c) white house d) ajhs
Greek Food served at Biblos special
a) Lamb b) Pork c) Beef d) Chicken
Continent of Ancient Greece
a) Europe b) Asia c) South America d) North America
Famous war like city state of Greece
a) Sparta b) Athens c) Syria d) Dubi
Naval Power of Ancient Greece
a) Athens b) Sparta c) Ryaid d) Baghdad
This was an Oligarchy of Ancient Greece
a) Sparta b) Athens c) Rome d) Washington
Greece has many if these geographic features
a) islands b) weapons c) money d) gods
why do we study Greece? (major reason)
a) because they are in the center of the earth b) because of their idea of democracy c) because of their food d) because of their powerful history
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