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Who was a private serving in the trenches during the war?
a) FDR b) Nixon c) Churchill d) Hitler
Who was the leader of Germany during the war?
a) Franz Waltz b) Wilsion c) Kasier Wilhelm II d) Hitler
How did the US get into the war?
a) They wanted to b) Sinking of the Lusintaina and the Zimmerman Note c) Attack on Pearl Harbor d) Gulf of Tonkin incident
What type of fighting characterized the fighting of World War I?
a) Air bombing b) Paratroppers c) Beach landings d) Trench Warfare
What was the spark that started World War I?
a) Assassination or Archduke Franz Ferdinand b) U-boats sinking US ships c) Death of Hitler d) Dropping of the atomic bomb
Who was the leader was the US during World War I?
a) FDR b) Wilson c) Nixon d) Eisenhower
Name the main country in the Central Powers?
a) Italy b) Japan c) USA d) Germany
When did World War I begin?
a) 1915 b) 1918 c) 1914 d) 1912
Name the new weapons that were used in World War I?
a) Poison Gas b) Airplanes c) Tanks d) All of the above
Who won World War I?
a) Allies b) Central Powers c) d)
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