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Which sign of a chemical change can we see here - A piece of toast has been burned
a) A change of colour b) Bubbles (gas) produced c) A change in temperature d) A precipitate is formed
A mixture is ...
a) Different atoms bonded together b) The same atoms bonded together c) A bunch of molecules of different types mixed together d) A machine to mix cakes with
______ means all atoms of the same type
a) Compound b) Mixture c) Molecule d) Element
In a chemical reaction (pick the one that is wrong!)
a) A new substance is formed b) We start and finish with the same thing c) The old substance is destroyed d) We can't (easily) reverse the change
Which of these is a physical change?
a) Icecream Melting b) Wood Burning c) Tractor Rusting d) Pop Corn Popping
Which of these is a chemical change
a) Cutting Paper b) Kettle Whistling c) Making Coffee d) Egg Cooking
In a chemical equation the PRODUCTS are:
a) The chemicals we begin with b) The finished equation c) What you buy in a shop d) The chemicals we finish with
The atomic number is the same as:
a) The number of atoms b) The number of protons c) The number of electrons d) the number of neutrons
Which of these is not a sign of a chemical Reaction
a) Change of Colour b) Bubbles (gas) produced c) Change of state (liquid, solid, gas) d) Temperature change
The Symbol H stands for
a) Helium b) Oxygen c) Halfnium d) Hydrogen
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