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___________ is quotation taken directly from the body of the article.
a) Pull Quote b) Masthead c) Jumpline d) Kicker
Running Headers/Footers contain:
a) Page Numbers b) Author c) Date d) All of the above
An end mark can be which of the following symbols.
a) Square b) Circle c) Arrow d) All of the above
____________ a standard pre-formatted layout which may contain color scheme, font scheme, pictures, and preset margins.
a) Prototype b) NamePlate c) Kicker d) Template
A letterhead usually contains all of the following except:
a) Secretary Name b) Address c) Email and Website d) The Name and Logo of the Company
_____________ a square box filled with information related to the main story or to a completely separate article.
a) Related Story b) Sidebar c) Side Note d) Help Story
___________ an enlarged character at the beginning of a paragraph; drops below the line of text.
a) Bleed b) Dropped Cap c) Capital Letter d) Caption
A masthead usually appears on what page of the document.
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
The color scheme and graphics of the business card and letterhead should:
a) Be complimentary b) Contrast c) be different d) match
____________ graphical representation of data or information intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.
a) Newsletter b) Advertisement c) Infographic d) Brochure
_________ words positioned above a headline, usually as a lead-in or teaser.
a) Deck b) Kicker c) Byline d) Nameplate
_____________ a brief descriptive text accompanying an image or chart.
a) Caption b) Dropped Cap c) Footer d) Sidebar
The space between columns of a newsletter is known as:
a) Guides b) Columns Space c) Gutter d) None of the Above
__________ banner on the front of a document that identifies the publication and usually includes the name of the publication, a logo, and a motto.
a) Masthead b) Body c) Nameplate d) Byline
_________ a print effect in which a color, object, or image appears to run off the edge of a page.
a) Dropped Cap b) Deck c) Bleed d) Byline
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