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rough; coarse; harsh
a) abrasive b) bilk c) knotty d) tangent
going of the main subject
a) renown b) tangent c) nuance d) engender
cheat; defraud
a) covert b) plagiarism c) nuance d) bilk
a) renown b) hangar c) abrasive d) tangent
hidden; undercover
a) engender b) tangent c) covert d) knotty
taking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
a) renown b) plagiarism c) covert d) abrasive
a) engender b) covert c) tangent d) renown
something subtle; a fine shade of meaning
a) nuance b) hangar c) tangent d) bilk
storage area (like garage) for a plane
a) tangent b) engender c) hangar d) covert
complex; difficult to solve
a) knotty b) renown c) tangent d) covert
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