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What is a homolgous structure?
a) similar structure, may not be similar function b) similar structure, similar function c) similar function, not similar structure d) not necessary
What is natural selection?
a) evolution b) survival and reproduction c) genetics d) traits becoming more or less common due to interactions with the environment
What are the two goals of evolution?
a) to prove it, to show that it happened b) survive and reproduce c) survive and migrate d) reproduce and show signs of evolution continuing
Define evolution.
a) change in traits over time b) not real c) people coming from monkeys d) change in a person over time
Six hundred plants were divided into 6 groups of 100. Each group was placed in a different color light for 600 hours. Group 1 = red, group 2 = green, group 3 = white. Every 60 hours scientists counted the leaves. List the constants in the experiment.
a) red, green, white light b) number of leaves c) 6 groups of 100 plants, light exposure for 600 hours, 60 hour leaf count d) group number
Which part of the leaf is involved in gas exchange?
a) stomata b) chloroplast c) xylem d) phloem
What organelles do plants contain that animals do not?
a) mitochondria, chloroplast b) cell wall, chloroplast c) cell wall, mitochondria d) chloroplast, nucleus
What is the name of the benefical bacteria that lives in our gut?
a) Salmonella b) Ebola c) E. coli d) Guttus bacterius
How do we determine that organisms are related?
a) comparing kingdom and phylum b) comparing genus c) comparing class and kingdom d) comparing domain
What is an analogous structure?
a) similar structure, may not be similar function b) similar structure, similar function c) similar function, not similar structure d) not necessary
Which organisms perform photosynthesis?
a) plants, animals b) plants, fungi c) just plants d) plants, archaebacteria, eubacteria, some protists
Which organisms perform cellular respiration?
a) EVERYTHING LIVING. b) plants and animals c) protists d) animals
What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) oxygen and water b) sugar and water c) oxygen and sugar d) ATP and light
What is the difference between a gymnosperm and an angiosperm?
a) seeds b) flowers c) vascular tissue d) cotelydons
Xylem transports....
a) sugar b) ATP c) water d) cheese
What body system fights off viruses?
a) skin b) immune c) skeletal d) muscular
What is animal sugar?
a) cellulose b) glucose c) starch d) chitin
What is plant sugar?
a) starch b) cellulose c) glycogen d) chitin
Biotic factors are...
a) nonliving b) plants c) food d) living
What is the main source of energy for all living things?
a) water b) sugar c) sun d) air
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