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Substrates bind to an enzyme's active site.
a) True b) False, passive site c) d)
Catalysts increase the rate of a reaction by increasing the net energy change of the reaction
a) True b) False, decreases the activation energy needed to initiate the reaction c) d)
A chemical reaction is the process where atoms or groups of atoms in substances are reorganized to diff. substances
a) True b) False c) d)
Van der Waals forces are attractive forces between molecules
a) True b) False, separating forces c) d)
An ionic bond is formed when two atoms share electrons
a) True b) False, covalent bond c) d)
All the elements in a period (across one period) on the periodic table have the same number of protons.
a) True b) False, each has one more than the one before it c) d)
Elements are pure substances and cannot be broken down into other substance by physical or chemical means
a) True b) False, can be broken down, c) d)
When atoms share electrons the form covalent bonds
a) True b) False, ionic bonds c) d)
When a mixture changes color or heats up it proves that a physical reaction has happened
a) True b) False, Chemical reaction c) d)
Polar molecules are those with an equal distribution of charges
a) True b) False, unequal distribution of charges c) d)
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