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Fulfills the needs and wants of the consumer by providing goods and/or serivces
a) Business b) Customer c) Products d) Marketing
Necessary for survival
a) Wants b) Needs c) Cell Phones d) Money
Nice to have but not necessary for survival
a) A rich and generous uncle b) Needs c) Wants d) Goods and Services
Purchases goods and services
a) Products b) Vendor c) Business d) Customer
The physical goods or services that can satisfy a customer's needs
a) Products b) Wants c) Business d) Money
Babysitting, lawn care, waitressing, are examples of ...
a) Products b) Services c) Wants d) Needs
Air, food, water, are examples of ...
a) Products b) Services c) Wants d) Needs
Baker, computers, toys, dry cleaners are examples of ....
a) Products b) Services c) Wants d) Needs
Physical items produced by businesses
a) Money b) Services c) Goods d) None of the choices given
The motivation to start a business is...
a) To avoid boredom b) To provide a community service c) Greed d) Profit and meeting the wants and needs of consumers
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