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Not having a covering
a) Baring b) Rodent c) Stroked d) Slump
A small animal
a) Pucker b) Rodent c) Stroked d) Screeched
To laugh
a) Chomping b) Smirking c) Snickering d) Wagging
Important person or rich
a) Big-shot b) Squirmy c) Bulged d) Glum
A hard strike
a) Chomping b) Swiped c) Physical d) Bulged
To explode
a) Howled b) Stroked c) Bulged d) Pucker
To scream or yell
a) Snickering b) Slump c) Glum d) Howled
To rub gently in a direction
a) Stroked b) Screeched c) Swiped d) Squirmy
To twist
a) Slump b) Squirmy c) Baring d) Rodent
To bite or chew
a) Wagging b) Glum c) Chomping d) Smirking
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