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The bone on thumb side
a) ulna b) phalanges c) radius d) humerus
Wrist bones
a) tarsals b) carpals c) metatarsals d) metacarpals
Fingers and toes
a) humerus b) ulna c) radius d) phalanges
Cheek bones
a) zygomatics b) nasalis c) maxilla d) mandible
Fracture that breaks through the skin
a) comminuted b) greenstick c) simple d) compound
Heel bone
a) tarsals b) metacarpals c) calcaneous d) tibia
S shaped curvature of the spine
a) lordosis b) kyphosis c) scoliosis d) arthritis
osteo means
a) straight b) bone c) finger d) toe
a) arthritis b) scoliosis c) lordosis d) kyphosis
Upper arm
a) scapula b) humerus c) ulna d) radius
a) thoracic b) lumbar c) coccyx d) sacrum
shoulder blade
a) scapula b) clavicle c) sternum d) thoracic
a) scapula b) clavicle c) sternum d) humerus
The _______________ is moveable
a) maxilla b) zygomatic c) mandible d) cranium
Neck bones
a) cervical b) thoracic c) lumbar d) sacrum
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