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If Jon sues Billy for breaking his TV due to recent Caps loss in game 7 which court would they go to?
a) VA Circuit Court b) US District Court c) VA General District d) Battle to the Death in an Arena
Dylan Batman Bui (Age 14) is charged with stalking Mr. Z. Which court would it go to?
a) VA Supreme Court b) VA Appeals c) VA General District d) VA Juvenile and Family Relations
Which court uses a jury at the national level?
a) US Supreme Court Court b) US Appeals Court c) US District Court d) US Federal Courts
The Avengers are brought to court by the people of New York City to determine if they are responsible for the destruction of New York City. What type of case would this be?
a) Misdemeanor b) Felony c) Criminal d) Civil
What is the next court when you appeal from the VA Circuit Court?
a) VA Supreme Court b) VA Appeals Court c) VA General District Court d) VA Juvenile an Family Relations
What type of court system do we have in the US?
a) Unified b) Dual c) Bicameral d) Federalism
Which Court in VA has original jurisdiction in misdemeanors ?
a) Supreme Court b) Circuit Court c) VA Appellate d) VA General District
What is the Court of final appeal in VA?
a) VA Supreme Court b) VA Appeals c) VA Circuit d) VA General District
What type of jurisdiction does the US Supreme court have?
a) Original b) Appellate and Original c) Appellate and Limited Original d) Appellate
Gude (15 years old) is charged with murder and tried as an adult. Which court would he go to?
a) VA General District b) VA Juvenile and family Relations c) VA Circuit Court d) US District Court
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