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This gives hints or clues to the reader about what is going to happen next in a story.
a) Irony b) Foreshadowing c) Theme d) Main Idea
This is the central or universal message in a story.
a) Main Idea b) Symbol c) Conflict d) Theme
This is when the opposite of what you thought was going to happen occurs.
a) Irony b) Symbol c) Froeshadowing d) Conflict
The major events in a story that explain what the story is about.
a) Tone b) Theme c) Plot d) Setting
The words chosen by the author to describe a character, setting and, or event in a story.
a) Imagery b) Plot c) Tone d) Setting
A brief summary that explains what the story is about.
a) Main Idea b) Plot c) Tone d) Setting
The feelings and, or emotions a reader gets while reading a story
a) Imagery b) Tone c) Theme d) Mood
The central problem in a story.
a) Plot b) Theme c) Symbol d) Conflict
The descriptive language that appeals to the readers five senses
a) Mood b) Imagery c) Setting d) Tone
The perspective of the author.
a) Tone b) Mood c) Point of View d) Character
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