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To prevent electrical shock, power tools should only be operated with the proper _____.
a) bit for the job b) work surface c) GFCI d) rechargeable batteries
When using an air wrench, _____.
a) hold onto the compressor hose with one hand b) hold the impact socket a few inches away from the material c) keep your body stance balanced d) use handheld sockets that are the right size
On power tools you should never engage the _____.
a) bit shank b) trigger lock c) booster d) locking spring
A Porta-Power is an example of a(n) _____.
a) electric tool b) hydraulic tool c) pneumatic tool d) battery-powered tool
If a pneumatic nailer is not firing properly, before you attempt repairs you must _____.
a) adjust the regulator b) remove the booster c) adjust the compressor d) disconnect the air hose
The angle grinder is used to grind _____.
a) hard, heavy materials b) imperfections in wood c) nonmetals only d) soft, porous materials
Some manufacturers suggest that each time you use a pneumatic nailer, the air inlet needs _____.
a) a shot of compressed air to clear any dust b) a few drops of water c) to be cleaned with a small wire brush d) a few drops of oil
A pneumatic drill is used _____.
a) for work too heavy for an electric drill b) to supply compressed air to clean the inside of pipes c) for intricate work d) when there is no source of electricity
Saws with fine blades that are excellent for delicate and intricate cutting are called _____.
a) bandsaws b) abrasive saws c) worm-drive saws d) saber saws
Never use a circular saw that doesn,t have an upper blade guard because the _____.
a) saw will not cut cleanly b) guard protects you from touching the blade c) saw kerf will be too wide d) trigger lock will not work properly
The adjustable tool rest on a bench grinder should be positioned _____ inch from the wheel.
a) 42008 b) 42006 c) 42067 d) 42012
A power miter saw combines a miter box with a _____.
a) saber saw b) bandsaw c) circular saw d) crosscut saw
Before replacing parts such as bits, blades, or discs on any tool, you must _____.
a) polish it with a fine steel wool b) disconnect the power source c) inspect them for cracks d) recharge the tool,s battery
Drill bits are held in place by _____.
a) grips b) augers c) chucks d) carbides
The first step when using a pneumatically powered nailer for the first time is to _____.
a) read the manufacturer,s instructions b) check the air compressor c) inspect the nailer for damage d) load the nails into the nailer
Before you plug any saw into a power source, make sure the _____.
a) lower blade guard is pulled back b) power switch is in the OFF position c) speed is set to LOW d) work has been clamped down
Keep the drill,s air vent clean with a _____.
a) hand-held vacuum cleaner b) drill bit c) chuck key d) small brush
When using a power drill, proper ground fault protection will prevent _____.
a) the need for a trigger lock b) the drill bit from slipping in the chuck c) electric shock d) drilling into electrical wiring
An example of an AC source of power is _____.
a) fluid pressure b) a battery c) a wall receptacle d) air pressure
Before you start drilling, make sure the drill bit is _____.
a) tightened in the chuck b) grounded c) double insulated d) properly oiled
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