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What act placed a tax on paper, such as legal documents and newspapers?
a) Stamp Act b) Declaratory Act c) Townshend Duties d) Sugar Act
What did colonists organize to respond to the Stamp Act?
a) First Continental Congress b) Provincial Congress c) Stamp Act Congress d) Second Continental Congress
Who was a key leader of SC's Sons of Liberty?
a) Ben Tillman b) Christopher Gadsden c) Benjamin Lincoln d) Horatio Gates
What did the SC colony create to govern the colony instead of the royal governor?
a) Provincial Congress b) General Assembly c) Colonial Congress d) General Committee of 99
Which crop was SC allowed to trade with Britain inspite of the non-exportation agreement?
a) rice b) indigo c) tobacco d) cotton
Who were SC's delegates to the Second Continental Congress?
a) Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter, Andrew Pickens, William Harden b) Thomas Lynch, Jr., Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, Thomas Heyward, Jr. c) Christopher Gadsden, John Rutledge, Edward Rutledge, Henry Laurens d) Henry Middleton, Henry Laurens, Thomas Lynch, Jr., Edward Rutledge
Which partisan leader never actually fired a weapon?
a) Thomas Sumter b) Andrew Pickens c) William Harden d) Francis Marion
During which AR battle in SC did partisans and Continentals cooperate to defeat the British?
a) Camden b) King's Mountain c) Cowpens d) Eutaw Springs
Which AR battle in SC was between loyalist and patriot colonials?
a) Cowpens b) King's Mountain c) Camden d) Fort Moultrie
Which AR battle in SC was the final major battle in the state?
a) Camden b) Cowpens c) King's Mountain d) Eutaw Springs
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