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James protects his new invention by applying for which type of protection?
a) A copyright b) A patent c) A trade secret d) A trademark
A popular company uses the slogan, Just Do It. What term identifies this slogan?
a) Copyright b) Patent c) Trade secret d) Trademark
Jon has invented a new traveling aid and wants to start selling it today. But, Jon has not received his paperwork from the government. What words should be placed on all the merchandise?
a) Copyrights filed b) Invention rights coming c) Patent pending d) Trademark sent
John Grisham protects the rights to his book, The Firm by filing which document?
a) Copyright b) Patent c) Trade Secret d) Trademark
Coca Cola and McDonald’s have symbols that identify their products. What term is used to identify their symbols?
a) Copyright b) Patent c) Service mark d) Trademark
After registering a trademark, what symbol should be placed by all protect marks?
a) R within a circle b) RTS within a circle c) S within a circle d) T within a circle
NBA and NFL jerseys are sold with a distinctive mark. Which term identifies this mark on the jerseys?
a) Copyright b) Patent c) Trade secret d) Trademark
The songwriter has a copyright on her latest hit. The song is known as what type of property?
a) Bailment b) Intellectual c) Personal d) Tangible
After video taping an airplane crash, Allen wanted to protect his rights to the video. What type of protection did he apply for?
a) Copyright b) Patent c) Trade Secret d) Trademark
After finishing his first novel, where will Paul file his application to protect his new book?
a) US Copyright Office b) US Patent Office c) US Trademark Office d) US Trade Secret Office
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