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__________________energy, also known as solar energy, starts the process of photosynthesis in plants.
a) Mechanical b) Light c) Heat d) Sound
The shorter length a spring is squeezed into, the _____________ the distance a ball will travel when launched.
a) farther b) shorter c) the same d) None of the above
Squeezing a spring less causes a ball to travel a ___________distance when it is launched.
a) longer b) the same c) farther d) shorter
____________________ a cannon ball is launched in the air it has potential energy.
a) After b) At the same time, c) Before d) None of the above
Squeezing a spring into a much smaller length before letting it go will _____________ the potential energy of the ball in the pinball machine.
a) increase b) decrease c) nutralize d) squish
Keeping good records of your sound _____________________ is easy if you listen and then carefully write down what you hear.
a) observation b) record c) log book d) None of the above
To create a __________________ sound when plucking a rubber band, stretch the band less before letting it go.
a) harder b) softer c) faster d) slower
When you hold down a rubber band, the highest pitch will be made when the ___________________ and tightest section is plucked.
a) smallest b) largest c) shortest d) longest
The _____________ stretched out a rubber band, the higher the pitch of sound you will hear when you pull it to the side and let it go.
a) less b) over c) faster d) more
The more quickly an instrument vibrates the ______________ the sound of pitch it makes.
a) smaller b) larger c) higher d) lower
Solar energy is _______________ and does not pollute the air.
a) renewable b) nonrenewable c) fossil fuel d) limited
Plugging an object into an outlet creates ____________energy.
a) mechanical b) light c) sound d) electrical
________________energy is created when one object strikes another object.
a) Sound b) Heat c) Light d) Mechanical
___________________energy is used by your body's muscles so you are able to pull an object so that it moves on a flat surface.
a) mechanical b) heat c) chemical d) thermal
Cooking in an oven creates ______________ energy.
a) heat b) mechanical c) cooking d) light
Before an object moves and/or after it is finished moving it has ____________energy.
a) electrical b) potential c) kinetic d) mechanical
When comparing two types of energy _______________ the data information.
a) subtract b) add c) multiply d) divide
Flowing water starts as ___________________ energy and can be converted or changed into other forms of energy.
a) potential b) kinetic c) possible d) electrical
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