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Which two things did humanists seek a balance between?
a) faith and reason b) wealth and land c) military and power d)
Venice was the wealthiest Italian city-state
a) True b) False c) d)
Who gained control of the government of Florence in 1434?
a) the Medici Family b) Niccolo Machiavelli c) Marco Polo d) the doge
Who was Florence's richest family?
a) the Borgia b) the Shakespeares c) the Medici d) the da Vinci
The Flamingo was the gold coin of Florence that was used to measure the value of other money.
a) True b) False c) d)
___________ was the first Italian city-state to grow wealthy and produce many famous artists.
a) Venice b) Florence c) Milan d) Genoa
______________, a merchant from the city of Venice, traveled to China and wrote a popular book about his travels.
a) Michelangelo b) Donatello c) Marco Polo d) Niccolo Machiavelli
What two things did the Italians buy and sell to people in Western Europe at very high prices?
a) Chinese Silk and Indian Spices b) Egnlish Wool and Spanish Gold c) d)
What did Machiavelli argue in his book The Prince?
a) rulers should be good and kind to their subjects b) rulers should not try to conquer others, but focus on their own kingdom instead c) rulers should do whatever is necessary to keep power and protect their city d) rulers should work peacefully with other rulers to protect their kingdom
How did the Italian city-states become wealthy?
a) through trade b) through conquest c) through famous works of art d) through farming
The Renaissance was a rebirth of interest in the same subjects the ___________ and __________ had studied.
a) Sumerians and Egyptians b) Greeks and Romans c) Spanish and French d) English and Germans
Who wrote The Prince in 1513?
a) Niccolo Machiavelli b) Lorenzo de Medici c) Leonardo da Vinci d) Michelangelo
The Renaissance began in which country?
a) Italy b) England c) Germany d) France
The period from 1350 - 1500 in Europe is called the Renaissance because
a) there was a renewed interest in war and conquest b) there was a rebirth of interest in art and learning c) there was a revival of Christian devotion d) there was only one strong kingdom in all of Europe
Everyday language used in a country or region.
a) Renaissance b) secular c) diplomacy d) vernacular
Interested in worldly rather than religious matters.
a) Renaissance b) secular c) diplomacy d) vernacular
Renaissance movement based on the values of the ancient Greeks and Romans, such as that individuals and human society were important.
a) Renaissance b) secular c) diplomacy d) humanism
(“rebirth”) period of renewed interest in art and learning in Europe
a) Renaissance b) secular c) diplomacy d) humanism
The art of negotiating with other countries.
a) Renaissance b) secular c) diplomacy d) humanism
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