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In human eye color, brown(B) is dominant over blue(b). A male with blue eyes produces offspring with a female with brown eyes. Which of the following represents possible parent genotypes for eye color?
a) Father: bb, Mother:bb b) Father: bb, Mother: Bb c) Father: BB, Mother: Bb d) Father: Bb, Mother: BB
In human eye color, brown(B) is dominant over blue(b). A male with blue eyes produces offspring with a female with brown eyes. What is NOT a possible genotype for eye color for the offspring?
a) Bb b) BB c) bb d) There is not enough information to determine a possible genotype for eye color for the offspring.
What would be a possible disadvantage of asexual reproduction?
a) ability to reproduce in the absence of a mate b) results in a low genetic variation of the species c) allows for more genetic variation in the offspring d) takes less time to produce offspring
Heredity is defined as the passage of genetic instructions from one generation to the next. Which of the following is NOT an example of these genetic instructions in humans?
a) height b) skin color c) dimples d) spoken language
Where is the genetic material located inside of an eukaryotic cell?
a) mitochondria b) vacuole c) nucleus d) ribosome
Hydra reproduce by a process known as budding. This process is the formation of a new individual that is a clone of the parent. This type of reproduction is-
a) sexual. b) sporulation. c) asexual. d) binary fission.
Flowers and animals reproduce by-
a) sexual reproduction b) asexual reproduction c) d)
Amoebas( one cell organisms) and hydras reproduce by-
a) asexual reproduction b) sexual reproduction c) d)
The work of Gregor Mendel was based on his discovery that heredity information for two different forms of a trait can coexist in one individual. He recognized that one form of the trait masks the expression of the other. This is -
a) the law of genotypes. b) the law of dominance. c) the law of separation. d) the law of sorting.
In sexual reproduction, how many genes does an offspring receive for each trait?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
Sexual reproduction-
a) results in genetic variation in the offspring. b) produces offspring that are identical to the parent. c) decreases the chances of survival of the species. d) results in genetic material being donated to offspring by only one parent.
An offspring inherited a dominant allele from one parent and a recessive trait from the other parent for the same trait. Which of the following is a possible explanation for what will be exhibited by the offspring for that trait?
a) The offspring will exhibit the recessive trait with the dominant trait being masked. b) The offspring will exhibit the dominant trait with the recessive trait being masked. c) The offspring will not exhibit that trait because the dominant and recessive traits he received will mask each other. d) The offspring will combine the recessive allele with the dominant allele and exhibit an entirely new trait.
The ability to roll your tongue is an inherited trait. There are more people who can roll their tongue than people who can't roll their tongues. Which of the following could be a correct assumption to explain this?
a) The ability to tongue roll is a rare trait. b) The ability to tongue roll is a recessive trait. c) The ability to tongue roll is a dominant trait. d) The ability to tongue roll is a submissive trait.
Which of the following traits is most influenced by the environment?
a) body weight b) eye color c) blood type d) color blindness
What is the organelle found in the center of an eukaryotic cell?
a) nucleus that houses chromosomes b) mitochondria that houses chromosomes c) nucleus that makes energy for the cell d) mitochondrion that makes energy
What is a major cause of variation within a species?
a) sexual reproduction b) asexual reproduction c) extinction d) photosynthesis
Natural selection is the process in which organisms with favorable traits survive and are able to reproduce to pass those favorable traits to offspring. Which statement best describes the type of reproduction that favors natural selection?
a) Asexual reproduction allows the offspring to be identical to the parent. b) Sexual reproduction allows for new gene combinations for adaptations. c) Asexual reproduction requires less energy to find a mate. d) Sexual reproduction allows for mutations to occur.
In human hair color, black(H) is dominant over blonde(h). The genotypes for two parents are: Father:hh and Mother:Hh Which of the following correctly represents the possible genotypes for the offspring?
a) HH, HH, HH, HH b) Hh, Hh, hh, hh c) Hh, Hh, Hh, Hh d) HH, HH, Hh, Hh
The most appropriate tool for analyzing the organization of genetic material inside of an eukaryotic cell is a -
a) hand lens b) model c) petri dish d) microscope slide
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