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A seedling changes into a plant
a) Elimination of Waste b) Growing c) Respiration d) Reproduction
A green leaf takes in sunlight to make food
a) Reproduction b) nutrition c) Respiration d) Elimination of Waste
Seeds from a tree land on the ground and germinate
a) reproduction b) respiration c) elimination of waste d) movement
A basketball player runs quickly across the gym
a) nutrition b) moving c) elimination of waste d) growing
The sunflower turns towards the sun
a) elimination of waste b) stimuli c) reproduction d) nutrition
A person sweating
a) reproduction b) respiration c) elimination of waste d) nutrition
Bacteria multiplying on your body
a) respiration b) reproduction c) nutrition d) elimination of waste
A school of fish swimming away from a seal.
a) growth b) stimuli c) elimination of waste d) nutrition
A plant taking in Carbon Dioxide and releasing Oxygen
a) Reproduction b) Respiration c) growth d) nutrition
Humans inhaling Oxygen and exhaling Carbon Dioxide
a) reproduction b) nutrition c) growing d) respiration
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