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The purpose of the Fifteenth Amendment was to
a) grant black suffrage b) grant citizenship c) guarantees equal protection under the law d) abolished slavery
Poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause were all created during the late 1800s to restrict the voting rights of
a) African Americans b) Women c) Immigrants d) Native Americans
The decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Plessy v. Ferguson
a) allowed slavery in new territories b) outlawed segregation c) banned slavery in new territories d) legalized segregation
After Reconstruction, white Southerners regained control of Southern state governments by
a) limiting voting rights of African Americans b) limiting the sharecropping system to whites, only c) forcing most African Americans to move to the North d) ending the Black Codes
Racial segregation in the South after Reconstruction was based on the belief that
a) people should be treated equally regardless of race b) the freedmen required special attention c) some racial groups are superior to others d) each culture has contributed equally to American society
The main purpose of Jim Crow laws was to
a) encourage the growth of black-owned businesses b) encourage boycotts c) encourage racial harmony d) separate blacks and whites
The principle of “separate but equal” established by the Supreme Court in the case of Plessy v.Ferguson (1896) was used to
a) end the use of child labor b) justify racial segregation of public facilities c) expand the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights d) provide reservation lands for Native American Indians
The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were added to the Constitution during the Reconstruction period to
a) improve the operation of the electoral college b) limit the powers of the president c) grant legal rights to African Americans d) bring an end to the Civil War
Which statement best describes the political situation of African Americans in the South after Reconstruction ended in 1877?
a) They lost interest in politics and government. b) They formed political parties, which became strong and influential. c) They had little political power because of restrictions on voting rights. d) They gained more seats in state legislatures.
During the Reconstruction Era one reason for the formation of the KKK was to
a) encourage immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. b) support the South during the Civil War. c) prevent formerly enslaved persons from exercising their rights. d) eliminate sharecropping from the South.
The Fourteenth Amendment is important because , in addition to awarding citizenship to former slaves, it
a) abolishes the poll tax b) guarantees equal protection under the law c) provides protection against illegal search and seizure d) guarantees women the right to vote
Which of the following is one way the Black Codes tried to restore the old way of life in the South?
a) by opposing the 1866 Civil rights Act b) by not ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment c) by closing the Freedman's Bureau d) by forcing blacks to work for whites
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