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The sun heats the water from rivers, lakes, and ponds. Then the water changes into ___________
a) mountains b) heat c) salt d) water vapor
What is the largest planet in the Solar System?
a) Saturn b) Mercury c) Earth d) Jupiter
In what season will animals shed their winter coats to prepare for warmer weather?
a) winter b) summer c) spring d) fall
Which animal group has hair or fur on their bodies?
a) mammals b) fish c) birds d) reptiles
A grizzly bear that eats fish and fruit is an example of a(n) _____________.
a) herbivore b) carnivore c) omnivore d) s'mores
The planets travel around the sun in a(n) ___________________ orbit.
a) hexagonal b) elliptical c) triangular d) circular
Which of the following is NOT a physical property of an object?
a) color b) size c) texture d) location
Which is an example of a positive change to a habitat?
a) cutting down trees to build a highway b) pouring chemicals into a stream c) planting trees in a park d) draining a wetland to build houses
Metamorphosis is when an animal goes through changes and looks different as an adult than it did when it was younger. Which animal pair is an example of this life cycle?
a) guppy - fish b) caterpillar - butterfly c) puppy - dog d) cub - bear
Earth is the ______________planet from the sun.
a) second b) third c) fourth d) fifth
A truck uses _______________ to move easier.
a) pulley b) lever c) screw d) wheel/axle
A group of organisms of the same kind that live in the same place is a -
a) community b) population c) organism d) habitat
In a rainforest habitat, the weather will be ________________.
a) hot and dry b) mild and wet c) warm and humid d) cold and rainy
How long does it take the Earth to revolve around the sun?
a) one day b) one week c) one month d) one year
During a new moon, we see ___________ of the moon.
a) a quarter b) half c) none d) all
It takes 24 hours for _____________.
a) the moon to revolve around the Earth. b) the Earth to revolve around the sun. c) the moon to change phases. d) the Earth to rotate on its axis.
In what order would wheat become a loaf of bread on the store shelf?
a) harvest, refine, seed, distribute b) seed, harvest, refine, distribute c) seed, refine, harvest, distribute d) seed, harvest, distribute, refine
Some animals must change their environment during the winter because it is cold. Which example is the change of environment that occurs during migration?
a) a bear sleeping through the winter b) a squirrel storing nuts in a tree c) a frog burrowing into the river mud d) a flock of birds moving south for the winter
How can people help protect the natural resources?
a) stop watching TV b) recycle newspapers c) drink less water d) raise money at a bake sale
The condition of the air outdoors at a certain time of day is known as
a) friction b) light c) force d) weather
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