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Butler at Baskerville Hall
a) Dr. Mortimer b) Barrymore c) Cartwright d) James Desmond
14 year old helper hired by Holmes
a) Mr. Franklund b) Mr. Stapleton c) James Desmond d) Cartwright
A profane man who had his throat ripped out
a) Mr. Franklund b) Sir Henry Baskerville c) Hugo Baskerville d) Dr. Mortimer
Tall, thin, nose like a beak; studied skulls
a) Hugo Baskerville b) Dr. Mortimer c) James Desmond d) Dr. Watson
Narrator of the story
a) Sir Henry Baskerville b) Sherlock Holmes c) Dr. Watson d) James Desmond
Offered his soul to the powers of evil
a) Cartwright b) Hugo Baskerville c) Sir Charles Baskerville d) Sir Henry Baskerville
Lived in Canada before inheriting an estate
a) Sir Henry Baskerville b) Barrymore c) Sir Charles Baskerville d) Hugo Baskerville
A naturalist who lives near Baskerville Hall
a) Dr. Mortimer b) James Desmond c) Mr. Franklund d) Mr. Stapleton
Owner of Lafter Hall near Baskerville
a) Mr. Stapleton b) Mr. Franklund c) Cartwright d) Barrymore
A detective who smokes lots of tobacco
a) Dr. Mortimer b) Dr. Watson c) Sherlock Holmes d) Cartwright
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