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This root/affix means measure
a) biblio b) hydro c) meter d) tech/techno
This Greek Root/Affix means book
a) biblio b) meter c) hydro d) tech/techno
This Greek Root/Affix means skill or craft
a) meter b) tech/techno c) biblio d) hydro
This Greek Root/Affix means water
a) biblio b) meter c) tech/techno d) hydro
An instrument for measuring and recording the quantity of something such as gas, time, miles
a) meter b) thermometer c) hydroplane d) bibliography
Relating to the practical use of machines or science in industry or medicine
a) centimeter b) technical c) hydrophone d) nanotechnology
A list of sources used in the preparation of a book/thesis
a) bibliographer b) technique c) meter d) bibliography
A chemical element that has no color or smell is the simplest, lightest, most common element
a) meter b) dehydrate c) hydrogen d) millimeter
To lose water or moisture
a) dehydrate b) hydrogen c) hydroplane d) hydrophone
Extreme fondness for acquiring and possessing books
a) bibliocast b) bibliographer c) bibliomania d) technophobia
A fear of dislike of advance technology or complex devices, especially computers
a) technical b) technique c) hydrogen d) technophobia
A unit of length equal to one 100th of a meter equal to 0.3937 inch
a) centimeter b) millimeter c) thermometer d) hydrogen
A way of doing something by using special knowledge or skill
a) technical b) technique c) bibliography d) hydroplane
A method of streaming media in the library such as podcasting programs to computer
a) bibliomania b) nanotechnology c) bibliography d) bibliocast
To skim over the water or skid on a wet surface or a powerboat for racing that skims the surfaceof the water
a) hydrophone b) technique c) hydroplane d) dehydrate
A device for locating sources of sound under water, such as submarines by the noise of their engines
a) hydrophone b) hydroplane c) technique d) technical
The science of working with atoms and molecules to build devised such as extremely small robots
a) technique b) nanotechnology c) technophobia d) technical
One trained in the description and cataloging of printer matter
a) technophobia b) nanotechnology c) bibliography d) bibliographer
An instrument for measuring temperature
a) thermometer b) millimeter c) centimeter d) meter
A unit of length equal to one thousandth of a meter and equal to 0.03937 inch
a) meter b) centimeter c) millimeter d) thermometer
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