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The layer that is closest to Earth
a) Troposphere b) Straosphere c) Mesosphere d) Thermosphere
Air Molecules are 1 km apart!
a) Mesosphere b) Thermosphere c) Stratosphere d) Troposphere
Temperatures get up to 2,000 *C
a) Thermosphere b) Troposphere c) Stratosphere d) Mesosphere
Coldest region of atmosphere
a) Stratosphere b) Troposphere c) Thermosphere d) Mesosphere
Protects Earth from meters
a) Mesosphere b) Thermosphere c) Troposphere d) Stratosphere
Where jets and manned balloons have gone.
a) Mesosphere b) Thermosphere c) Stratosphere d) Troposphere
Contains most of the atmosphere's ozone.
a) Stratosphere b) Mesosphere c) Thermosphere d) Troposphere
This layer has convection currents.
a) Stratosphere b) Troposphere c) Mesosphere d) Thermosphere
Most weather occurs here where we live.
a) Troposphere b) Stratosphere c) Mesosphere d) Thermosphere
Protects the surface from the Sun's UV Rays
a) Ozonosphere b) Thermospshere c) Mesosphere d) Stratosphere
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