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An object that orbits a planet
a) Satellite b) Meteor c) Solar d) Moon Phases
The circular movement of one object around another object.
a) Revolution b) Rotation c) Inertia d) Satellite
To spin on an axis.
a) Rotation b) Revolution c) Intertia d) Orbit
The path that an object makes around another object
a) Orbit b) Rotation c) Revolution d) Satellite
Time of the year with similar temperatures due to amount of direct sunlight
a) Seasons b) Climate c) Weather d) Water Cycle
A rock from space that impacts a planet or natural satellite
a) Meteorite b) Meteor c) Satellite d) Space Rocket
The rise and fall of the oceans-caused by the pull of the Moon's gravity.
a) Tides b) Ocean waves c) Water Depth d) Inertia
The principal that explains why objects in motion stay in motion
a) Inertia b) Friction c) Gravity d) Orbit
A bowl-shaped impression made by a meteorite on a planet or moon
a) Crater b) Meteorite c) Meteor d) Satellite
Referring to the Moon
a) Lunar b) Solar c) Crater d) Orbit
Imaginary line a planet spins on. It passes through the poles
a) Axis b) Orbit c) Equator d) Longititude
Appearance of the moon due to the reflection and place of its orbit
a) Moon Phase b) Moon Appearance c) Satellite d) Wanning
Pull of one body on another: it keeps the planets in orbit around the sun.
a) Gravity b) Intertia c) Friction d) Axis
Moon phase when more than half the moon can be seen
a) Gibbous b) Crescent c) Waxing d) Wanning
Darker, cooler areas on the Sun's surface
a) Sunspots b) Solar Flare c) Sun Heat d) Crater Flare
Moon phase when less that half the moon can be seen
a) Crescent b) Gibbous c) Waxing d) Wanning
Referring to the sun
a) Solar b) Lunar c) Crater d) Solar Flare
A rock from space that burns up in a planet's atmosphere. A.K.A. a falling star
a) Meteor b) Meteorite c) Satellite d) Orbit
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